NetCost Market is the Bomb Diggity

NetCost Market

You’ll probably have to dodge a couple of kids running around and screaming in Russian like they don’t have parents on your way into the store. Just when you’re inside, you’ll feel eyes boring into you. You’ll glance to your left and see a creepy, sour-looking but not intimidating security guard.

At this point, you’ll have to push and weave your way through the produce section. It’s not huge. The displays are full and orderly. They occasionally have harder-to-find produce.

If you head straight through the produce section, you’ll come across a pristine prepared foods counter. The people behind it don’t look all that warm and cuddly, but it’s fine. They work fast and there are a lot of them. It’s not one of those places where you have to beg for help. There’s a wide selection at the counter, vinaigrette salad, kotlety, blini– a ton of stuff.

There’s two counters for baked goods. One’s for bread and the other is stocked with fanciful cakes. The cake counter is all chocolate, nuts and colorful icing decoration.

At the fish counter, you’ll find an interesting assortment of whole fish—trout and sturgeon were available the last time I was in. Displays of pink and ivory colored slabs of smoked fish will draw you in. Whole smoked fish—all wrinkled and gold/brown—might creep you out for a second, but they will also intrigue you.

The meat section is pretty awesome. Chicken gizzards and necks hobnob with plastic wrapped trays of thighs. Gigantic cow tongues stare at you from the cases. Whole ducks and duck legs will ignite cravings for crispy duck skin. They also have your standard-American-grocery-store-sterile packages of beef, chicken and pork.

There are also wide selections of butter, yogurt and kefir, tea, jams and honey.


11701 Bustleton Avenue      267.672.6500

Philadelphia PA 19116           (Located in the Leo Mall)

Open Monday to Sunday, 9:00-9:00

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