Gansevoort Market

So I found this place by accident. My sister and I had just walked the entire High Line. We hit street level and started walking. Gansevoort market caught my eye. We agreed to come back and check it out another time and kept on walking.

Gansevoort Market

We got a few steps away and I made her turn around. I wasn’t sure when I’d be back and I really wanted to check it out.

The first thing I noticed was how neat the place looks. And the lack of the weird smell a lot of indoor markets have—that mix of produce, fish and something mysterious.

The selections is wide. Pizza, sushi, fresh produce, backed goods. I even saw a guy selling cheesecake in cones. I skipped it, believe it or not.

My favorite part was the seating area. Skylights and funky vines make it feel like you’re eating in a greenhouse.

I grabbed a yodel facsimile from one of the vendors. I’m ashamed to say I don’t recall which.


The High Line is a park build on an old elevated rail line on the West Side of Manhattan. My sister and I walked the whole thing. I recommend checking it out for the views and the awesome sculptures scattered around.

Have you been to Gansevoort Market yet? Have a favorite market I should check out?


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